D1.2 – Expanded 6G vision, use cases and societal values – including aspects of sustainability, security and spectrum

Building on the aspects presented in D1.1 and feedback from the project Advisory Group, the Hexa-X core consortium have prepared this second Hexa-X report which presents an extended analysis of the 6G vision, use cases and key societal values.

The deliverable also includes an initial analysis of the sustainability targets, starting from the UN sustainable development goals to see how 6G can be made sustainable as well as how 6G could contribute to make society as a whole sustainable. It also includes an overview of the spectrum applicable for 6G, both the incumbent low-band, mid-band and mm-waves as well as the potential expansion into the sub-THz bands. The report also includes security considerations: what security threats that are expected in the coming decades and which potential security technologies can be used by 6G to address these.