First technical deliverables from Hexa-X published

Hexa-X has now published first technical deliverables D2.1, D6.1 and D7.1. Please find the documents from Deliverables as well as a brief description on their content from the text below.

D2.1 provides the initial technology assessment of Hexa-X work package 2: “Novel radio access technologies towards 6G”. Out of the use cases developed in Hexa-X, all related to tera bits per second (Tbps) communication are identified. They are further developed into initial requirements related to the physical layer. Based on this requirement gaps of current and future technology are identified. Potential solution of these gaps and the future developments in this work package are also presented.

D6.1 contains gap analysis for Hexa-X service orchestration. The document builds on the Hexa-X foundation laid by WP1. It is used as a basis of WP6 work by analysing which technologies need to be developed in addition to state of the art to reach goal state for service orchestration.

D7.1 summarizes the identified gaps and provides a survey of special-purpose solutions in Hexa-X work package 7 based on an in-depth analysis of relevant use cases from D1.2. State of the Art with respect to technologies and methods for flexible topologies (sustainable coverage) and dependable communication is discussed and the planned contributions to address the identified gaps are outlined.