Innovation Management: Hexa-X received the first EC awards by the EU Innovation Radar programme!

The EU innovation Radar programme recently awarded three key Hexa-X innovations: FED-XAI, AI MANO, and Zero-Energy Devices.

  • The first innovation, FED-XAI, is a collaboration between University of Pisa, Intel, and TIM, and consists of proposing Federated Learning (FL) of eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (AI) models (XAI) for autonomous vehicular networking. The objective is to improve the user experience by helping end-users trust the decisions performed by in-network AI. This innovation is one of the key enablers for high dependability in vertical scenarios.
  • The second innovation, AI MANO, is led by ATOS, and it is on AI-driven Management and Orchestration. It consists of applying AI/ML to networks to trigger orchestration actions that may have a relevant impact on the network performance and the deployed services.
  • The third innovation, Zero-Energy Devices, results from a collaboration between Orange and University of Oulu. It consists of devices harvesting energy to power themselves and using ultra-low power communication techniques such as backscattering to communicate with 6G network.

All innovations target mobile operators as the main beneficiary in the market, while the first one also targets the OEM, and they can serve to unlock the 6G potential by enabling new services, other than expanding the current MNO market share. They are part of the overall Innovation Management process established in Hexa-X, where activities are tracked by an Innovation Management Committee (IMC), whose goal is to support the project to promptly identify innovations and best engage with emerging innovation needs in the sector. The IMC in Hexa-X continuously analyses the technical progress of the project and the state of the art in the market, and identifies gaps that have strategic and commercial value for Hexa-X.

“We strive to facilitate and promote innovation opportunities based on project outcomes”, said Dario Sabella (Intel), Innovation Manager of Hexa-X. “The Innovation Management process is there to ensure that all the ideas emerging from the project are captured and tracked, not “lost”. The final aim of the Innovation Management is in fact to facilitate possibly on new business creation, with start-ups, spin-offs, and new ventures within existing companies. So, this great recognition from the EU Innovation Radar is an encouragement for us to keep going and further stimulate innovators in Hexa-X to be bold and ambitious for a great impact of their innovations!”

The EU Innovation Radar programme is a European Commission initiative to identify high potential innovations and innovators in EU-funded research and innovation projects (more info in the portal