Women in Telecommunications and Research (WiTaR)

Who we are

Women in Telecommunications and Research (WiTaR) is an EU-level initiative that promotes gender equality, inclusion and empowerment in the 6G Research & Innovation (R&I) community.

This initiative was originally established by Hexa-X as Women in Hexa-X initiative in February 2021 and then was expanded for the participations of the whole 5G PPP community in June 2021. To reflect the wide participation, the initiative was renamed as Women in Telecommunications and Research in October 2021.

Currently WiTaR has around 50 volunteering members from 12 EU projects. It invites contributions from all genders.

On international women in engineer day 2021 members of the Initiative voiced up their wishes for the development of 6G with a gender inclusive approach and building an equal and sustainable future for the whole society.

The International women’s day of 2022 is the best opportunity for the member of Women in Telecommunication and Research (WiTaR) to show in action “there is no limit to what women can accomplish.

What we do

Our priorities are to

  • Promote equality, diversity and gender balanced approach in 6G R&I community and working environment;
  • Empower women and promote the visibility of women and women leadership in European 6G R&I community
  • Establish a global network from industry, universities and schools to provide personal support to women in 6G R&I community
  • Promote and encourage to take gender perspective into account in the 6G design
  • Promote and encourage more women joining into technical and engineering studies and actively participate in European 6G R&I community

WiTaR organizes monthly meeting where all members can share and work together

Contact us

Marie-Helene Hamon
[email protected]

Bahare M. Khorsandi
[email protected]