The Hexa-X vision is to connect human, physical, and digital worlds with a fabric of 6G key enablers.
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A flagship for 6G vision and intelligent fabric of technology enablers connecting human, physical, and digital worlds

2030 and beyond, Europe and the world will face opportunities and challenges of growth and sustainability of tremendous magnitude; proactively tackling the issues of green deal efficiency, digital inclusion and assurance of health and safety in a post-pandemic world will be key. A powerful vision is needed to connect the physical, digital, and human worlds, firmly anchored in future wireless technology and architectural research. The Hexa-X vision calls for an x-enabler fabric of connected intelligence, networks of networks, sustainability, global service coverage, extreme experience, and trustworthiness.

Wireless technologies are of critical relevance for our society and economy today; their importance for growth will continue to steadily increase with 5G and its evolution, enabling new ecosystems and services motivated by strongly growing traffic and trillions of devices. The ambition of the Hexa-X project includes developing key technology enablers in the areas of:

  • fundamentally new radio access technologies at high frequencies and high-resolution localization and sensing;
  • connected intelligence through AI-driven air interface and governance for future networks, and
  • 6G architectural enablers for network disaggregation and dynamic dependability.

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Check out the #HexaX paper entitled "Hoeffding Regression Trees for Forecasting Quality of Experience in B5G/6G Networks", presented at OLUD 2022.
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Hurry up, 3 days to the submission deadline (Nov 28 AoE)!

2nd on "Serverless computing for pervasive cloud-edge-device
systems and services"

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The second deliverable of WP5 entitled "Analysis of 6G architectural enablers applicability and initial technological solutions" has been already published.
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Deliverable and slide-set:
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