ICT-52 Workshop on 6G

Virtual ICT-52 Workshop on 6G

February 3rd and 4th, 2022

The workshop was organised by the European 6G Flagship project Hexa-X together with other ICT-52 6G projects. Event was open to all and free of charge. 

Have a look at the agenda, slides and recordings of the event below!


Feb 3rd 9-12 CET

Feb 3rd 14-17 CET

Feb 4th 9-12 CET

  • Architecture, network evolution and expansion towards 6G
  • HW for 6G
    • COREnect: Trustworthy and Energy efficient computing in 6G, Gerhard Fettweis (TU Dresden), 20 min
    • COREnect: RF enabling technologies for THz communications and sensing, Piet Wambacq (imec), 20 min
    • COREnect: Sensor Processing in 6G, Patrick Pype (NXP), 20 min

Feb 4th 14-17 CET