Most viewed Hexa-X papers @ Zenodo in 2021

Hexa-X uses Zenodo to keep track of the accepted scientific publications made by Hexa-X researchers. Zenodo is a general-purpose open-access repository developed by the OpenAIRE project (in addition to scientific publications, Zenodo allows researchers to submit data sets, software, reports, and several other research-related contributions).

Hexa-X has its own Zenodo community, which is available at: the following, we provide the 10 most viewed papers in Zenodo during the 1st year of the Project.

  1. European Vision for the 6G Network Ecosystem
  2. 6G networks: Beyond Shannon towards semantic and goal-oriented communications
  3. Nuberu: Reliable RAN Virtualization in Shared Platforms
  4. Federated Learning at the Network Edge: When Not All Nodes are Created Equal
  5. Hexa-X The European 6G flagship project
  6. Scalable Real-time Emulation of 5G Networks with Simu5G
  7. Why Do We Need 6G?
  8. Above-100 GHz Wave Propagation Studies in the European Project Hexa-X for 6G Channel Modelling
  9. Study of Reflection-Loss-Based Material Identification from Common Building Surfaces
  10. Blind Neural Belief Propagation Decoder for Linear Block Codes

To keep updated about the latest scientific papers by Hexa-X, do not forget to check the Hexa-X community webpage.