European Vision on 6G revealed

European industry has just published its vision on 6G via the 5G IA White Paper. The resulting White Paper ‘European Vision for the 6G Network Ecosystem’ and its Executive Summary are available at  and .

Hexa-X has had a strong impact via numerous contributors, including Hexa-X overall lead Mikko Uusitalo as one of the two main Editors and Authors working on this European vision paper on 6G, collecting the European view and moving towards global exchange and harmonization of views on 6G.

Hexa-X as the only and the initial European 6G Flagship aims to build the foundation of 6G on top of which later projects can build on. This White Paper is a major milestone towards the set of new 6G projects, prepared by 5G IA with the new ‘Smart Networks and Services’ (SNS) European Partnership.