Women in Hexa-X – EU Flagship project Leads the Way to Gender Equality and Diversity in 6G Research & Innovation

After months of preparations, Hexa-X project officially announces the inauguration of a Women in Hexa-X Initiative on the International Women in Engineering Day (IWED). With participations of more than 20 consortium members from both industry and academia and both women and men, Women in Hexa-X Initiative targets to promote gender equality, inclusion and empowerment in the 6G Research & Innovation (R&I) community.

To share its vision with and invite more participations from the whole European 6G R&I community, the Women in Hexa-X Initiative had its first presentation to the 5G PPP community on June 7th and has received strong resonance and interests to participate across the community.


Our priorities


  • promote diversity and gender balanced approach in 6G R&I community and working environment
  • promote work and life balance


  • promote the visibility of women and women leadership in European 6G & R&I community
  • contribute to the development of Digital Skills among the female workforce
  • establish a global network from industry, universities and schools to provide personal support to women in 6G & R&I community
  • make 6G a tool to empower women in general


  • promote European key values – inclusiveness, sustainability, accessibility
  • take gender perspective in the 6G design
  • promote more women into technical and engineering studies
  • promote more women to European 6G R&I community


To answer the call of this year IWED, i.e., Shape the World, some members of Initiatives from Hexa-X project and several other 5G PPP projects voiced up their wishes for the development of 6G with a gender inclusive approach and building an equal and sustainable future for the whole society.